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Word Wipe

Has anyone but me noticed that among the changes recently are the following:


Scores are unoobtainable to get high anymore. (I have tried for three weeks)

Then some words that used to be wipable, are no longer like "rud" etc.

At near the end of the game, you thrown out even though you have swiped proper

words. You do not get count for them!

The game is so much harder to even get close to my high score even though

I have become much faster and practiced so much'

I am really unhappy about these changes, who in the heck did this and why? Alsmost

sinister!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hope they got their jollies!!!!!!! BTW.... I am not imaginining this.

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This happens to me all the time. There can be only one explaination...........i's the evil Black Jack dealers family taking over this site  every game  every hour. Its sad that Black Dealer is morphing and extending his frustration level all across the AARP  gaming site  : )  

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Hi Linda

I am pretty new to Word Wipe myself but have been playing it for a couple of months now and this is what I have noticed: 

1. The scores re set every day at 12 midnight EST.  So you can get a high score on the board if you play right after that, but within a few hours the real experts come in and take over haha! I don't know how they do it! 

2. Sometimes the board doesn't seem to register the letters when you try to wipe them.  I think it's a bit glitchy.  What I do is click on a different letter then go back to the first letter I tried and usually it works.   Some odd words sometimes seem to work  (like "yer") and other times they don't.  Again I think it's just glitchy.

3. Here's something I found out by accident.  If you have three letters in  a row that are causing you problems, like EEE or RRR, you can wipe those off!  That has really helped. 

4. After you get past a certain point, you get less time every turn!!!   I think that may be why you feel like you're being thrown off the game!   It feels like that to me, I always forget to check.  Usually we have 120 seconds, and we get used to the feeling of 120 seconds.  Well after a certain point (I think it is once you get up to 11 or 12 lines having to be wiped off), it goes down to 100, then 90, then 70, and suddenly bang, the game is over and you feel like you were just thrown off the board!  Maybe that is what is happening. 

5. It sure is not the easiest game in the world, that's for sure!  Good luck!

6. The whole site is a bit glitchy, that's just the way it is.  

7. I found some slower-paced but still fun solitaire games over at this site:  I like a game called Crazy Quilt Solitaire.  It takes a little bit of time to get used to, but it is a nice combination of having to use your brain more than usual, but there is no time limit to it and you can usually complete the game.   I find it just interesting enough.  There are tons of other games on that site too.   It's hard to find free solitaire sites, so many of them have so many ads!   

Good luck!



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I believe that, probably, the coordinates in the underlying programming for this game have faulty settings for the "sensitive" space of each square.


This problem would be easy to fix by the people responsible for programming it, but it has been this way for a long time. The problem seems worst in the bottom-middle third of the game.


If you click around in the square, you can usually get it to "select."


But you shouldn't have to do this.


Then again, I guess you get what you pay for. The game is free.

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I agree, but the clock keeps ticking down while you're trying to find that sensitive spot.  


The other thing I find is that it drops a word at 3 letters before I'm finished spelling a longer one.

Worse as the game goes on.  


Both very frustrating.

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