Sweet Shuffle

Does anybody know how to play this game? Other than the tutorial on youtube, I can find nothing. I know the basics, but how is everyone getting all the high scores? I barely can get 40,000 points. I also don't see anywhere the fact that you have to have two candies of the same color next to each other in order to move a third matching one next to them; otherwise, they don't move. Why can't they put the instructions with all the information on scoring where everyone can find them?

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Hi Cindy -


I certainly know where you are coming from - when I started playing this game, I could not figure out how it was scored and how people scored 200K points.  Not sure I can answer all your questions, but here is what I have figured out:


- you are correct that you cannot move candies unless you connect a minimum of 3 (exception being the "power-ups")

- 40K is not a bad score; my highest ever is 190K, but I would say I break 100K MAYBE 1 in 25 games

- generally speaking, scoring is # of candies x multiplier x 10: once you get your multiplier in double digits, and get some "chain reactions", your scores will really start to climb quickly

- the leader board scores do require a strategy, but also some luck 🙂

- here are a couple of my strategies: (1) if there are "equivalent" moves at the top and bottom of the board, go bottom - this allows for more chain reactions and higher scoring, (2) always look for the opportunity to connect 5 candies in a line (horizontal or vertical), and save these for when you are in a bind (especially useful  when you have the "3 candy wraps" to clear or are running low on remaining moves) and (3) figure out how the stripes work (regarding direction) and how combining the "power-ups" work 


I hope I've answered some of your questions - let me know if you have any others!



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Thank you for the tips, that helps a lot! Take care.
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