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Re: SUDOKU Game In Less Than A Second

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I'm also confused by some of the other games scores that seem impossible to get. 

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SUDOKU Game In Less Than A Second

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The Sudoku (New), the Daily Diagonal Sudoku, and the Daily Sudoku (when it worked) ALL have a top score of 100 points.  Will someone who controls these games look into how long it takes the "Leaders" on these games to finish a game.  The time it take to finish one of these games and get on the Leader board is less than ONE SECOND.  Yes, that is correct.  If you start the game and click on "MENU" and then "Exit" the game will score you 100 points (the maximum) and the quickest one to do so (less than a second) is on the Leader board.  Were these games designed as a split-second games?

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