Poorly designed website

Although I love to play the games the website must be designed by an intern or trainee.  There is absolutely no reason when you click 'Play Again' on any game that you should have to answer the button 'Play Now'.  The website has so many ads that sometimes it times out trying to load all the ads and especially the moving(animated) ads.  If AARP really wanted to draw more people to the games they would streamline the gaming process.  Other problems like losing your high scores and possible fake highest scores should be dealt with but the constant clicking the the same button when you are playing the same game is distracting.  Also none of the games center on the screen.  I have to move the screen down to 'Play Again' and up to 'Play Now' and then center it again while it is actually loading the game screen.  A lot of moving the screen around just to play a single game.


I agree!  I enjoy Word Wipe, but the same mix of letters appear over and over.  Instead of using huge blocks of vowels or consonents or the eternal H's, the game would be more challenging if the box of letters would be more evenly mixed, but totally jumbled up each time in new ways.  This would make my brain look more rapidly for more creative new words and be more of a challenge to savvy word users.  The way the words are now tossed in the box is more frustrating than fun.


Are you listening IT gurus?!



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why you on it

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If you are playing the games with a PC and not an Apple product, you can use Ctrl+- (the minus key on the keypad) to shrink the screen content, which shows more at once, or Ctrl++ (the plus key on the keypad)) to increase the size of the displayed information. This means to hold the Control key down while you press and release the respective key on the keypad - number pad.

When you change the size in this manner, the address bar at the top should show the percentage of size compared to normal (90%, 80%, 67%, and so on).
This works in screens other than with gaming, too.

I have found that I can still see and play the games I like without any difficulty after I have shrunk them.


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Changing the size doesn't always do the trick. Making it smaller to see more makes it harder to read and making in larger doesn't work either.  Also between games the screen jumps all over the place and you have to move it to make your selections, to play again, play now or whatever.  It's just poorly designed.  Also with the Clasic Solitar it sometimes shows you your score and other times shows how your score is calculated (score + time)  but not all the time.  And why does it ask you if you wantto 'Play Now" when you click on "Play Again"?  Do they think you want to say Play Now and not Play again?  Really dumb and inconsistant.

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stop emailing me stop stop!!iyou-said what had to say in a nice way . same here.

so please do not email me any more thank is over!!

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