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Outspell game

What is with posting phony scores.  No way can you get a huge score on this like I see posted.  I've had all the big letters and have never gotten anywhere close to what one person keeps posting  And what is with the deal when your score gets too far ahead of the computer then all you get are all vowels or all consonants?  I've also kept track of some of the crazy words the computer makes.  When I tried using one that the computer had posted it said "incorrect word".  I believe a lot needs to be fixed with this game.


I agree. I know when you hit two doubles, it really bumps your score. I have been trying to figure out how you get scores above 1,000.

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Just today I saw someone had posted a score above 100,000.  Anyone with half a brain knows that is phony.  Why do people do that?  So insecure that they need to see their name in print somewhere?

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