I like to play this instead of Crosswords for variety at times - but I have a Q:


When it says RED means that's how many times it will multiply the WORD value,


and BLUE means that's how many times it will multiply the value of the LETTER, it does not always do that - yet there is no way to challenge that or ask a Q - what they heck?

I am positive it does not calculate that properly, and there is no recourse.  It's still fun to play against the creepy guy in the corner, just a little frustrating - I do manage to win haha


Please someone tell me what I am doing wrong -  because I save my high value letters accordingly.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Let's keep the old brains as sharp as we can!

CC Seattle.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @Aikaterini, thanks for your post and questions! Here's some detailed information for you on how is Outspell scored. 


  • The player scores points when s/he submits valid words to the board.
  • Each letter has a different point value displayed in the bottom right of the tile. (Common letters provide lower points, while uncommon letters like Q provide 10 points.)
  • If a tile is placed on top of a blue cell, its points would be multiplied by the number in the cell.
  • If any tile of a word is place on a red cell, the entire word would be multiplied by the number in the cell.
  • If you add new letters to an existing word, you gain points for every letter in that word. Example: Only the letter S was added to the word TAG, but the points gained include the 4 points from the letters TAG.
  • If adding new letters creates more than one word (through horizontal and vertical cross-sections), you gain points for every new word made. Example: Adding the letters GAN formed 2 new words (LAG and GRAN), which scores points for both words.

***If my post answers your questions, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution". Thank you!

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