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I tried all your  new jigsaw games and they all have timers.  The old games had no timers that stopped the game.  Isn't there a new one you can supply that is not going to time us and not close us down if we don't hit the time.  I  play for myself and I hate when the game stops me at a certain  time and I haven't finished the puzzle.  Appreciate what you can do.



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Since the announcement, I've been trying to play my favorite games on my iPad with the AARP app.  Jigsaw only sort of worked, and the others might load the initial ascreen but would not play.  Lately, the app itself is 99% not working.  (I just upgraded to the most recent version of iOS 12.)


Using a browser (Chrome) on my iPad, I can play the games with no problem, the ones I've tried, namely Jigsaw and Mahjonng solitaire. 


I'll get used to the new Jigsaw eventually.  I can put side edge pieces (iPad, Crome) or bottom edge (computer, FIrefox) in the tray to get them out of the way until I've done the rest.  But I don't like the timer! So I choose Easy, at least for now.  It's the same set of pictures we had with the old game, and some of them are really hard, and often took me more than 8 minutes. 


Also the new Freecell, once I get past that everytime you win, your score is 260, and so only the first 10 winners will see their scores on the Leaderboard, and that the cards all seem to be Aces, until you get used to it, because of the way the cards are drawn.


I'll keep trying the AARP app from time to time, and look for an upgrade in the App Store.


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I hope to God that you finally get your act together with the jigsaw puzzles.  Give us the old ones back.  They have some great shapped pieces and scenic pictures .  these new ones all have the same type shape and are not any fun at all.  I also do not like to be timed when I work a jugsay puzzle.  What the heck????


I play jigsaw to relax, I used to enjoy the old puzzles where I wasn't rushed to finish before I was timed out, Keep the timed ones if you must but give us the untimed also.  Give us the choice!



The new games-jigsaw is not fun.  Please go back to the original way .





Your new jigsaw puzzles stink.  I can't even get the pieces to move.  They also look way too easy for someone who has been playing your flash jigsaw games. 


I agree with everyone. You made a big mistake taking away the original format of the jigsaw puzzles.