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Re: My highest score.

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Hello @wjjyw222 & @HokiePoq. Thank you all for sharing your candid feedback on the recent changes made to the AARP gaming experience.  We acknowledge the impact this has on the ability to see your top game score.  We understand how important this feature is to you, and as a result are looking into options to address this highly desired scoring number.    More to come on this topic as we uncover our options. (Please note: You may want to follow this discussion which will provide further updates when changes are in place:

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Re: My highest score.

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Yes. I like the leaderboards but it is more important to have my own high score. This is not the first time the game scores have been reset. I have never regained the high score I had on one of the games....I cannot begin to estimate how many hours I have spent on this. I was in an auto accident in 2010 and have dented the couch and spent untold hours on the AARP sites. Very frustrating to lose high scores (at least I remember the one)...and even more so to be locked out of the auctions by the new bidding system that favors those with point totals that most of us cannot imagine attaining.
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My highest score.

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When are you going to change it back?  Enough of us have expressed our displeasure.  We want our own highest score so we can try to beat ourselves.  We don't care about the leader board, maybe some do, so you can leave it if you want.  However, I don't want my daily high score, i want my all time highest score to appear so I can get extreme pleasure when I beat myself!  Thanks.

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