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Klondike Solitaire

It's really sad what has happened to what I believe was the most popular game on this website until the "makeover" - all of the top players have left Klondike and the daily high scores have fallen by jaw-dropping numbers. The problem is, with a game like Klondike, a player's odds to randomly obtain a high-scoring game are very small, so the only way to increase those odds is to play rapid-fire successions of games. And with the terminally slow game rollover time in these new versions, the odds are so decreased on Klondike that all the fun has gone out of it for those, like myself, who were constantly ranked in the top 10 until this "makeover." Sad...

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So i have been reading the responses to Klondike. All I know is with it, and all games (well the other games that they now have but not the great games they used to have) that there is no way to get on leader board. I used to play and have fun and see my name onleader board and it gave me a good feeling, which with whats going on withe the virus helps,. I am not a expert on the games means but still could score good at times. Not anymore and am canceling my subscription as much as it helps me

it just seems they don't care about our recreation and mental well being!

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PowerSource, I am an admirer of your Klondike Solitaire scores. What's your secret? Do you have any helpful hints? Thanks!

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Hi Jen,


There are a couple of tips I can offer. First, keep two windows open to Klondike as you are playing. Then, there is no downtime waiting for the next game to load. All you need to do is switch back and forth after each game. Second, only play each game for 30-45 seconds, keeping one eye on the clock. If the columns aren't steadily receding after those first few seconds, you might win the game but it's not going to be a winning time! I hope that helps! And remember, the more play experience you get, the more your speed will increase. Good luck!


Rob Wilkerson

Los Angeles

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I've played Klondike for years on other sites and knew those high scores were only possible if the time was paused on the game by some players.  Today, I decided to figure it out and it's F4 on my computer.  I got the high score for the day (1279) after playing for about 30 minutes this way, but am done.  This is too silly of a way to play and takes away the relaxation element of the game.  But if that is what you're into, that's the trick people are using.

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Dear Heidi,




I am among the very best Klondike players on this website, and I have NEVER cheated. And that's what this is is - it's not a "trick" - it's CHEATING!


I could not figure out, when I would post an all-time personal-best score, how someone (who goes by just three inititals but shall remain unnamed so this post doesn't get deleted by the site admin.) could come along just a short time later and totally annihilate that score! I have written letters to both the AARP moderators as well as Arkadium, explaining to them that these scores of 1280 and up, were simply not theoretically possible without cheating. They have never even bothered to respond! 


Thanks to your diligence, now we can all see that "the emperor has no clothes" so to speak. God bless you for posting this, and for saving my sanity! I'm officially done with this game now, unless and until the moderators and administrators decide to do something about the cheating!


Rob Wilkerson (aka "PowerSource")

Los Angeles

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