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Ideas for improving Word Wipe

I think the weakness of the game is that there is usually not nearly enough time to really plan ahead for the endgame, consequently too often one ends up with an unclearable board, and clearing the board is critical to high scoring.  I think it would improve the game if one had, say, five minutes instead of three. 

But even if I were going to keep it at three minutes I would make a couple of other tweaks to make the game more playable and enjoyable:

1. Reward fast finishes:  when a player clears the board give 5 points for every unused second remaining on the clock. 

2. At the start of the game give the player an unobstructed view of the entire board for, say, 30 seconds before the clock starts. Wiping would be disabled for this 30 second period, you just get to study the board.

3. Bombs should cover a nine box area every time, meaning I should not be required to drop the bomb on a letter.  Right now I cannot detonate a bomb by placing it on an empty square - e.g., if I have six letters in an L shape, three vertical and three horizontal, I cannot remove all six at once with a bomb because the bomb won't work unless it is placed over a letter, and no matter what letter I choose in the L I cannot cover all six letters. 

4. Once there are nine or less letters remaining both two and one letter words should become acceptable.

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