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Re: How do I control game sounds

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Thank you, it was a wrench that controlled the sound. Missed it before.
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Re: How do I control game sounds

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The sound can be controlled on all the games I’ve played without adjusting your computer speakers. It’s a simple click on the speaker icon to mute the sound. The speaker icon is either located on the home screen before you start the game or under the menu tab for that game. It’s easy to mute the sound before you begin playing a game.

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Re: How do I control game sounds

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I can't make a generalization, but you'll want to check the 'settings' (or the icon that looks like a gear) to see if you can mute, or turn off, the game sound.

   I routinely do this so I can listen to music, from another window, while playing a game, so I know what you're after. I just don't know if the games you are playing have sound settings or not.

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How do I control game sounds

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Can the sound in the online games be controlled? I would like to listen to something else on my PC while I play the games, so muting the PC sound isn't an option.


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