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Hey sk6714! You have mad skills at Scramble Words, but.....

There appears to be some shady competition out there. See that score of 334850 on Scramble Words? Word on the street is that it may be a Russian spy by the name of Cheatmorotov Hackerinsky. Be wary of any suspect scores you may see by this covert underhanded operative! Keep on gaming but always look over your shoulder! Screenshot attached. BTW must be an awesome typist and wordsmith. You are always top 5 on the leaderboard at Scramble Words. Congrats and keep on kicking butt!Scramble Words cheat 4-28-20.png

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mp68077955 is back again today (04.30.2020) with a score of 331,750. I have asked Games Admin to ban this player. I don't know if they will (or can), but I sure hope they do.
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Roger that EM87754798. I hope they get banned too.