Games can't play

Unable to play games, keeps saying feedback / error

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Is this on an iPad (or other Apple device)?


If so, you may want to read this AARP post: Issues Affecting Some Tablet Users - iOS (will open in new tab so this will remain open to return to).


When software publishers update software they don't always have a way to test applications (although since our AARP games are from Arkadium, which I'd hope would be tested by MS, Google and Apple OSs, apparently  not).


fyi, many of us have experienced glitches recently (tis the season software publishers "enhance" their browsers); when MS updated a couple of months ago, major issues; then Google updated Chrome and some games wouldn't load; now iOS issues.


I always try a different internet browser, and different device, if available, then search the games forum because usually this is a universal issue, not AARP issue...






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