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Frequently Asked Questions: New AARP Games Site Launch

As of May 14, the new AARP Games site is live! These FAQs should help answer some of your questions. Thank you!


What are the minimum system requirements for AARP Games?

For the most enjoyable experience when playing AARP Games, make sure your computer/device of choice supports the mimimum system requirements as follows: 


Hardware requirements:

1.5 GHz processor

Windows OS: Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

macOS: Sierra (v10.12)/High Sierra (10.13)/ Mojave (10.14)

Resolution: 1024x768

2 Mb/s internet connection

JavaScript enabled

Desktop browsers:

Chrome 69

Firefox 63

Internet Explorer 11

Edge 42

Safari 11

Mobile devices browsers:

Chrome 69

Safari 10

Samsung Internet

Mobile devices OS:

IOS 10

Android 6


What’s different?


The new AARP Games isn’t just a make-over. We rebuilt the site to be easier, faster and more functional. From a cleaner design to an improved search bar, larger playing area, and faster site speed- AARP Games was created with you in mind. For a full list of new features, read the full announcement here.


Why is AARP making these changes?


We read and listen to your comments across our networks, and we know that games are a fun and integral part of your daily lives. With you in mind, we want to deliver a great gaming experience by making on-going improvements. These include making the site faster and more reliable and bringing you some exciting new features. We plan to make ongoing enhancements, such as adding new games and introducing new elements to keep AARP Games your top destination for daily enjoyment!


What do I need to play on the new site?


You don’t need to do anything different or install anything to play on the new Games site. The site is supported on all major browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge, and all computers and mobile devices. Any bookmarks and shortcuts to Games that you may have created will not be impacted.


If you find that you experience any problems playing games on any of the named browsers, please let us know and we will work to resolve the issues.


Will all of the games stay the same?


We are adding 2 new games:


  • Scramble Words:  a fun new word-making game where you unscramble a list of letters to spell out words
  • Mahjongg Toy Chest - Classic Edition: by popular demand, we re-created Mahjongg Toy Chest to look exactly like the former Flash version of the game that so many of you told us you love and miss.  


One game will be temporarily closed for renovation:

-Trizzle will be unavailable for a few months and will be re-released soon thereafter.  While the game is unavailable, consider trying out 10X10, Mahjongg Dimensions and Landing Party.


The following 5 games will no longer be supported on this platform.  


- Spellbound

Instead, try our new game Scramble Words, Outspell, Word Wipe or Wander Words

- Space Hunt

Instead, try Sweet Shuffle, Alu’s Revenge 2, or Bubble Dragons.

- Flip Out

Instead, try Jigsaw, Mahjongg: Age of Alchemy

- Eggz Blast

Instead, try Bubble Dragons, Sweet Shuffle, or Alu’s Revenge 2

- Mahjongg Dimensions Candy

Instead, try Mahjongg Dimensions, Mahjongg Dark Dimensions, or Mahjongg Candy. And for all the Holiday lovers, have your hand at Holiday Mahjongg Dimensions.


When will this happen?


The redesigned site launched May 14, 2019. 


Will I still be able to access the old games site?


No, the new Games site will replace the current site, and we are confident it will be an improvement.


How do I report complaints, give suggestions or pay compliments, if I have any?


We love compliments, but we also want to hear from you if you have issues and other feedback.  We have enabled the red Feedback tab on the games site and will review it regularly to share with our business, technical and marketing teams. The red Feedback tab will surface a short survey with a few open-ended responses where you can share any feedback with us. This survey is 100% voluntary and is not a requirement to play our games. You may also leave constructive comments here on the Games Forum and call or email our customer service at 1 (888) 687-2277 and


Scrolling and Navigation in Mobile:


We’re hearing from mobile users that they don’t like scrolling to find their favorite game. There’s a handy menu that links you to game category pages. The menu shows on mobile phones and in portrait (tall) mode on tablets. Just open the carat next to ALL at the top of the page to expand the menu, then scroll a bit to find the game category page you want.


You can also zero in on a specific game faster by using the white search box which is below ALL. Just start typing the first few letters of the game you’re looking for and a list will appear to choose from (e.g., type SOL and a list of Solitaire games appears).


Community Manager
Community Manager

If you need to report a technical issues, please include your device type and browser to help us isolate and resolve issues faster. Please be patient as we work through some known technical issues (e.g., IE browser is not loading). (Click here...)

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