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Frequently Asked Questions: Flash Game Discontinuation and New Games

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions about Flash Games being removed from the AARP Games site. Please check back regularly as we continue to add answers to the questions we're hearing from you in the Games Forum.


Why can't I find my game?

If you were looking for a game that was based on Flash technology, all Flash games were taken off the AARP games site on November 27th in preparation for Flash's manufacturer Adobe discontinuation of the technology. Many games were replaced with new versions. In cases where games do not have a direct replacement, similar games have been added to try.


Why can't the games stay as they are?

Since the beginning of the year, we have received more and more complaints from our users on games not loading right away and needing to reset browsers to support their Flash-based games. The declining support of Flash on various web browsers is the results of Adobe’s announcement to discontinue Flash technology in 2020, at which point Flash games will no longer exist anywhere on the internet. For this reason, we decided this is the right time to make the transition to games with WebGL technology (a Flash replacement) before your gameplay experience degrades further.


What are the benefits of the new games?

The new games are built in a new technology called WebGL which is more secure than Flash and is also accessible on mobile phones and tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers. 


Why do the new games look different from Flash games?

We acknowledge that some of the new game graphics look different than their Flash predecessors, and we are hearing from some of you that you don't like them. We are evaluating your concerns and working with our games vendor to explore how some might be improved.


I only play games on my computer (not on mobile phone or tablet). Will they still work?

Yes, WebGL works on all devices and platforms—desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.


Do I need to download anything to run the games the way I did with Flash?

No, you will no longer need to enable an additional plug-in as you had to do with Flash.


Will I need to buy a new computer to play the new games?

No. As long as you have updated your web browser in the last four years (since 2014), WebGL games will work on your current computer. (Please note updating your web browser regularly is recommended, since browser providers fix security issues and bugs in version updates.)


What happened to the Members-only games?

The previous Members-only games were Flash based and were removed on November 27th, but we have reserved four new games exclusively for members: Black Jack, Canfield Solitaire, Bubble Dragons Saga and Mathdoku. And, as new games are regularly added to the site, we will continue to reserve more games exclusively for members.


How do I find the instructions on a game?
On many of the new games, instructions are in a menu rather than on the first screen. Look in the corners of the game screen for a question mark icon, a settings icon (looks like a gear), an "i" information icon or a menu icon (three horizonal line stacked together or two vertical lines stacked together).


I'm having troubling playing games on my iPad using iOS 12.
We are aware of this loading issue that seems to be affecting iPad gamers using iOS 12, and our games vendor is working to troubleshoot and resolve it. In the meantime, playing on iPad using Chrome seems to work better if you would like to consider using a different browser while we work to resolve the issue with iOS 12.

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