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If someone is "cheating" to get the high score, so be it. What an empty life that poor soul must have if their life's triumph is posting a high score on AARP Freecell. I can't imagine sitting around a table listening to other people, with truly accomplished lives, talking about things then blurting out, "Well, I have the high Freecell score on the AARP website 90% of the time". I would politely excuse myself then avoid that shallow person for the remainder of my life.


The game itself is always solvable. I have not found a layout yet that I cannot solve although it may take 10 attempts to eventually get there. And, I think that the "restart" button is the key to some of the high scores. If you can repeatedly play the game (meaning hit restart right before the cards clear the board), then you can get pretty fast. Although I am by no means a mathematician, I believe the scoring formula (barring an extraordinary original deal that nearly self clears) is 

1410-((3*the number of moves)+the number of seconds). So, assume seconds are equal (game to game), every additional move costs three points. Assume moves are equal (game to game), every additional second costs one point. So, minimizing the number of moves is very important. Using 80 moves as an example (that is a very low number of moves since there are 52 cards in the deck), to get a score of 1100, the game must be solved in 70 seconds (which is extraordinarily fast). That is why I believe that the "restart" button is getting used extensively to get the very high scores. If AARP wanted to make the scoring more fair, it would penalize every "restart" by 20 seconds when a game is restarted with the penalty being cumulative for successive restarts.


I have never "chatted" before and don't intend to again. Thanks for your time to read by conclusion.



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Re: FreeCell Solitaire

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It is definitely possible to get some good scores but I don't understand how some people like this RADDYLOB dude can get the real high scores at 12:01 all the time. Plus he plays (I assume) with more than one name. Does he know something the rest don't? I don't see how he always gets the high scoring solvable games right at the beginning of a new day??? What's the deal with this guy?

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FreeCell Solitaire

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The game states every round in solvable. Guess I'm a poor player. I cannot solve every round.  My score is very low & I noticed others don't score very high either.

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