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Competitive Scoring

AARP displays the top 10 scores and scorers for each day, week and year for Spider Solitaire and I assume all AARP games. I think everybody would be interested in seeing the top 50 scores and scorers for each period. It could get the competitive juices moving and substantially increase game usage. And, since computers are doing most of the work, it shouldn't take a lot more effort.

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I seldom get in the top 10, and when I do I get knocked off right away. Giving the top 50 is good, but I would be happy with the top 20. Also, speaking about computers, I often think I’m playing against computers and not other individuals.

How in the world does anyone score over 200k playing Trizzle, when it’s taking me weeks to even reach 150k just once?!!!   I sure feel dum....

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