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Re: Change in ad length

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I'm not getting this on my computer any more except for an occassional ad that pops up and lasts for longer than I want. However, I still have ads on my cell phone when I play games. I understand that AARP advertises for money, but why should we be subjected to the same 15 second ad over and over?

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Change in ad length

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It seems the pregame ads have least some of them so much that I leave the computer to read something or actually do a household chore and then come back.   The Wayfair and Gatorade ads seem to be the worst with Ben and Jerry's and Disney Cruises also pretty long (but more interesting, lol)  I realize the ads pay for the games and don't mind the short ones or ones with the escape after a reasonable period.  For example the Olive Garden one is short and sweet and has the lunch specials in print.  I got the point of the ad without sound as I normally sit and play while DH is watching TV.  Now the beginning of a Wayfair or Gatorade ad means the end of the session.   


P.S.  Really appreciate our personal best scores returning!  And the personal best daily score is nice as well.  Thanks for listening AARP!

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