All time scores disappeared

OMG - today, July 11, all my all time scores were back to zero!

Windows 10, chrome, Addiction, Spider, Pyramid and Klondike.

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Yep, I use Firefox but I'm not sure that has anything to do with it.  I spent 4+ hours playing Hollywood Dreams this morning, so very slowly building my dream game.  I stopped at 79,465 points, and it was listed as top score today, top score overall and was #1 in top scores today. 


I was about ready to quit playing this game while still trying to be generous (vs. calling people cheaters) and mumbling to myself "I don't know how the h3ll people get anything above 30k in this!"  My game today very slowly built up: 16k at around 1 hr in, 21k, 29k, 38k, 56k, 64k... until it hit that number.  Yep, I wrote my score down every time I made a new personal record and it is a long list of entries.  I took a screen shot because I was so proud.  I doubt I'll see anything above 30k again, despite playing this for hours.


Now my score has disappeared on both this game and Pyramid Solitaire.  Thank God I have that screenshot to remind me it was real.

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