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What's your gaming routine?

Enjoy playing a game with your morning cup of coffee or in the evening to wind down? What's your gaming routine?

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Before Covid, I was playing games in person every Sunday afternoon. All sorts of games from euro-strategy games to card games. During lockdown we were playing online, generally using and chatting on zoom. I also play a weekly Dungeons & Dragons game.

On my own, I have a few games that I play on my phone to unwind.

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I like to take the time to play Games, After the Day is done took care of business now let’s play a Game or Games 

Racquel Evans
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I record "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel of Fortune" and watch them both the next morning while having breakfast. That way I can fast-forward through the commercials and the contestant introductions when they start getting awkward and embarrassing.


Really? You're telling America you're a "pug mom"?  No.


I consider it gaming because I play the game — I call out the answers, and at least, oh, 7% of the time — before the contestants do. Of those, at least 4% of my responses are correct.


But more seriously, I enjoy both the shows. "Jeopardy!" is more cerebral. "Wheel of Fortune" seems to have been unfairly lambasted as being silly and inconsequential. I think it's fun to play along. "Jeopardy!" has you calling up data you know; "Wheel" has you actively solving word puzzles.  Both keep that gray matter busy.

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My games usually consist of the three crossword puzzles in the morning, either during or after breakfast. After those, I sometimes do a few quizzes and then I go to Redeem some of my points for anything of interest, usually one or more sweepstakes and chances at the Instant Win items.

I seldom go play any of the games in the AARP Games area just to be playing them. By the time I finish the crosswords and redeeming, it's usually time to go take care of the yard, do other errands, or get some exercise.

Stay well.