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Terrible new games set up

Who changed the set up for games? You made it harder to find certain games. The old set up was much more user friendly. What in the world possessed you people to do this? Was this a case of IT folks trying to justify their salaries? This was a terrible idea


Well, I'm finding that most of the games I enjoyed are unavailable. It's just a white screen with the word loading fading in and out. This goes on for 20 minutes and still no game. We were given to understand that this upgrade would make things faster.that couldn't be farther from the truth. And the really upsetting g thing is that no one has addressed the meaning concerns I'm reading about. There have been no explanation of these problems or pledges to fix them. When a corporation gets too big, it no longer concerns itself with client complaints.

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I have had many problems playing games with all the new changes. I loved the old set up and played every day, but now it s hard to find the games I like to play and there is always something that gets in the way of finishing one, since I am not as deleterious as I was when was younger. My cursor gets too close to one of their buried  picture links and I never can get the game back where I left off, so I have to start over. I thought this was a Senior Site?????


  I completely and totally agree with @smalltowncat about the games site. Games are harder to find and don't work as well as before. This is a PRIME example of "if it ain't broke, dont fix it" because you have pretty much destroyed the value of your games section for me. Since it USED TO BE the ONLY thing on this site that I saw of any value, the HORRIBLE changes are causing me to re-evaluate whether I want to continue with AARP membership,

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hello Robert and small town cat!


This is really great to hear of other folks disenchanted with the "new" set up in games. I played the games regularly, like once a day. Now, they have instituted something called "floating menu".


Every time I play "pool" or "bubble shooter" or "sisters word-search", this "menu" comes down and hides the top 30% of the game! I have to constantly click "close menu" in order to play the game!!! If AARP has so much extra money to fool around with something that was soooo good, and change it to something that is so terrible, maybe they don't need my money any more...


AARP, return to the previous setup, or find another membership. I'm done.


  I agree. The floating header and banner hide the majority of all the games I play and make it hard to play.  Yesterday, it I noted that now it doesn't turn off the sound and keep it off.  I think the game website programmer has messed up the good functionality and did not improve the website at all by trying to increase advertisement space on the webpage.   I enjoy playing the games but may need to find a different venue to use.  and may not want to renew my membership with AARP.  

 AARP  please fix the games pages so we can enjoy it.


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