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Step Up and Share!

Step Up and Share: Striving to hit your daily step goal Share your creative methods for getting those steps in and inspire others to move more! Whether it's taking the stairs, walking meetings, or dancing while doing chores, we want to hear your tips.


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I have an adult weighted hula hoop and each time around gives me one step count. It is a great tool to use for exercise when it is too cold or rainy to go outside. 

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I enjoy getting a dog toy and having the dogs chase me in the yard. I get my steps in and so do they. I also walk all around the kitchen island to get those steps in while I'm waiting for my meals to cook.


My trampoline! I love it so much, I feel like a big kid. I set up my mini trampoline in front of the tv and just go for it. I supplement this with walks with my dog, who loves the outdoors and taking stairs instead of escalators 


I love my trampoline too! I play JustDance on it. And I walk my dogs 2 or 3 times a day, depending on the  weather.

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I walk while watching TV. On nice days, I park farther away in parking lots. 


Walking in place while brushing my teeth or cooking in kitchen


I would often pace back and forth in the kitchen while preparing breakfast. 


When logged into a zoom meeting I’ll turn my camera off and stand to get some steps in while participating in the meeting. Not as good as going for a walk, but works to get me moving. Daily step goal is 12,000 steps or 5 miles.

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