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Should chess be an Olympic sport?

The game of chess was an exhibition event during Sydney in 2000 and is now recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. Even though it has its own tournament, the Chess Olympiad, chess officials are campaigning for inclusion in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Are you a chess enthusiast? As one of the oldest games in the world, do you think chess should be an Olympic sport?





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No, absolutely not.  The Olympics are athletic competitions.  Chess is not remotely athletic.

Q?  How about Monopoly?  What could be more thrilling to watch than Team Monopoly competition?  [NOT]

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So, what will be next - checkers, tiddleywinks, marbles, ????

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Chess is a cerebral game & has nothing with athleticism. Let's not get crazy and ridiculous by trying to include non-athletic events to the Olympics. 

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Chess has its own world competition.  It is a mental, not physical game.  Let’s keep it that way!



I don't think so. The Olympics are about athleticism. Chess is cerebral, not physical. If it was included, I don't imagine NBC or whoever has the rights to air the events will be dedicating much coverage to two players hunkered over a static board.

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Well said @AvocadoDog. For the same reasons, I do not think chess should be an Olympic sport.

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I agree with AvocadoDog.  Let's reserve the Olympics for athletic events.  I worked in crowd control with other runners at the 1984 Olympic marathons in Los Angeles.  I can't imagine seeing a huge crowd of people jumping and cheering around  two people playing chess like they did for the runners as they crossed the finish line in the Olympic marathons!

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No I don.t think so how many other board games are in the olympics    if you allow chess how about video games or auto racing. Not every thing meets the criteria as an olyimpic game. Also how many players would you need

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Yes, it takes time and patience then Pro

Racquel Evans
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