Instant Wins - MAX # AVAILABLE ...Turned Off when Max awarded? East Coast vs West Coast

Point of my post:  Once Maximum number of Instant Wins has been met, does AARP TURN OFF THAT CATEGORY SO MEMBERS DONT WASTE THEIR POINTS TRYING?  The answer to that question leads to .... recognizing difference of 3 hours between EAST & WEST COAST TIME  PARTICIPATION ... meaning, even if I began playing early, 5 AM or so, it is already 8:AM back East, so in that 3 hours, have the maximum number of instant wins already been allocated?


This is my Backstory ....

So, I am newer to AARP and of course, excited about the possibility of INSTANT WINS!  Truly funny how alluring the thrill of winning is ....I check everyday and play everyday (usually hoping to win to give to a Niece or Nephew to use) and get the "Sorry..." you didnt win message everyday... I admit, I have an analytic mind, so I calculate odds a bit ... and the thought occured to me today ... If there is a specific number of INSTANT WINS for each... and the EAST COAST is 3 HOURS AHEAD, does that mean that the max number of Instant Wins could already have been met before I even use my 50 points?  Hmmmmm ... I sincerely hope AARP answers this

NJD Sparky
Gold Conversationalist

Great question! I am 2 hours out from initial IW releases, but I still think it might be calculated into the mix that all zones are considered? Hard to say, unless you're 'behind the scenes.' 😉 🙂

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