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Favorite Imagination Game

Growing up, what was your favorite imagination game? Have you passed down any of these games to your grandchildren?

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We used to play a lot of cowboys and Indians.  We would all call what character we wanted to be such as Lone Ranger, Tonto, Red Ryder, Littered le Beaver, Lash LaRue, Roy Rogers, HopAlong  Cassidy, Rifleman, and so on.  We all had cap guns and holsters and our bikes were our horses.  Good clean fun.  It’s probably inappropriate to say Indians now so we’ll call it cowboys and guardians!


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Cops and robbers was always fun. We would play it and run after eachother, but sometimes we would use our bikes and have high speed chases. When my cousins would come over, we would play "sharks and dolphins" with grandpa- same rules as cops and robbers.

Over time, cops and robbers evolved into "jailbreak" when we were teenagers. We would wait until dark and the cop would have to close their eyes and everyone would hide. Then the cop would use a flashlight and hunt us down. In order to be caught, they would have to shine the light on us and yell out our correct name. We would have a "jail", usually a table where we would go when/if we were caught. Other jailbirds could come and release you if they went to the jail, touched the table and loudly yelled, "Jailbreak!"

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