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FAQs: Challenge Your Friends and Wager Game Points on Right Again! Trivia Games!

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FAQs: Challenge Your Friends and Wager Game Points on Right Again! Trivia Games!

What is the Private Friends Network Challenge and Wager feature?
The Private Friends Network Challenge and Wager feature is an exciting new way to compete with your friends in games of Right Again! Trivia. Now, you can do more than just add your friends to your personal Private Friends Network. It's easy to challenge them to see who gets the higher score for each new game — and you can even wager game points!
Where do I go to challenge my friends in the Private Friends Network?
If you want to challenge your friends in a game of Right Again! Trivia, go to the Right Again! Trivia page and scroll down until you see the Private Friends Network. Click on the “Challenges” tab to begin. You can challenge your friends without a wager.
How do I send a challenge?
Once you click on the “Challenges” tab of the Private Friends Network, you’ll see various Game Dates. Choose the date you’d like, and then click “View.” From there, you’ll see a list of your friends. You can click the boxes next to their names to either send a challenge and/or a wager. Once you’ve selected all the boxes you’d like, click “Challenge” to send it along!
Do I need to be an AARP Member?
You need to be either an AARP Member or free registered user — and logged in — to use the Private Friends Network and challenge your friends.
How do challenges and wagers work?
You can challenge your friends and wager up to 300 game points in AARP’s Right Again! Trivia Private Friends Network. You can challenge as many friends as you have in your Private Friends Network for every game. You can wager 300 game points against up to three friends. For a challenge to work, your friend must not have played the game date you choose before you send your challenge.
How many challenges can I send per day?
You can send one challenge per game date to as many friends as you’d like!
How many wagers can I make per day?
You can make up to three wagers per game date.
If I play today’s game more than once, can I use my best score for a challenge or wager?
No — only your first play of the game on a specific date counts against a challenge, so make it count!
Can I keep track of the points I’ve won via wagers?
Yes! On the main Challenges screen of the Private Friends Network, you can see your Total Wager Points Won in the top-right corner.
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