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Discover new words with Word Hunt!

Do you love building words and completing puzzles? Then, our new game Word Hunt is for you! In this relaxing – but challenging – game, search for words among a group of letters and watch them fill in a crossword. Discover all the letter combinations and fill in the entire crossword to win! With dozens of levels, special boosts, and more, this game is sure to delight puzzle lovers and crossword fiends among us. 


Click here to play Word Hunt now!

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there is major discussion at Arkadium site about this game; it doesn't conform to any platform and should never have been introduced on AARP. It is less than beta.

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  HELP, please.  I've been playing this new game almost all day.   I don't see any scoring rules.  I just keep playing.  Some games I get a few points and some I don't.  Can't figure out the rules and don't see an icon to click on like in most games.   I am on Level 178 and my score is a fraction of the high score.   How is this game scored?  Do bonus words have value?  Does speed count?  What gets a good score?   Thanks in advance.


I can't even figure out  how  to get my score  to post  at all.  I see other people  with  scores  posted but mine  never  post.  And the  game  never  ends  just  keeps  going every  day.

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Hi @RichardB815971 we're glad you're liking the game! To end the game, you must click the gear in the top left and then the house icon to end (see photo below). There is no score; instead you earn game "money"gear icon.png


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@AARPHannah  But, there is scoring! [see below] Obviously, people are scoring with this new game. Yet, I am not scoring at all! I have leveled and nothing to show for it! Lame-o!


Word Hunt - No SCORES.pnglooks like there's scoring.png


   That doesn't work.  Clicking the house icon just takes one to the next level.  And leaving the game for a day did not reset it.  I still keep moving to the next level.  Too much of a good thing...  The game would be fun with time limits, and an ending.  Please help!!!  Thanks.


I am having the  same problem.  None  of my scores  ever  show  up on the score board.  Game never  ends  just  continues  every  day.  Would be fun if I could  figure out  how  to exit the  game  and post  my score.

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