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Did you study the Trivial Pursuit cards?

Did you play the popular board game, Trivial Pursuit, when it first came out in the '80s? Which of the six themed categories was your favorite? And, be honest, did you ever study the cards?😉

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I love/loved Trivial Pursuit!  My favorite categories are/were Science & Nature and Arts & Literature.  No, I didn't study the cards.  I like to win, but it isn't necessary for me as it is for some people.  

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I LOVED Trivial Pursuit when it first came out! I can still see the box of cards and all the category colors. Entertainment (pink) and Arts & Literature (brown) were my favorite, but I could hold my own with Science & Nature (green) and usually with Sports & Leisure (orange). If it was a Geography (blue) or History (yellow) question, I was in big trouble - LOL.

And yes, I'll admit it ... I'm guilty of studying the cards. I was the youngest in my family and always trying to prove I was as smart as my big brother and sister.  😀

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Good for you, @Beachy811289! My childhood best friend always dominated the game to the extent I was certain she was a studier of cards. I consider myself a "green; blue"🤣

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