Crossword puzzles malfunctioning

When trying to play crossword puzzles today, the page kept refreshing over and over when using Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on a Mac. When I forced the page to stop loading, the "Members Only" puzzles wouldn't recognize I was a member. I made sure I was logged in.


I could only get a puzzle to load using Brave which blocks most advertising efforts, but even then the answers were incredibly offset when typing them out that it was unusable.


Any idea what's causing so many issues?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Beeger69, thanks for taking the time to post. Can you please share which OS and version of Safari, Chrome and Firefox you're running on Mac? Also, if it's not too much trouble, would you kindly provide a screenshot of the offset answers that are making the puzzle unusable? Hope we can get this resolved for you. Thanks again!

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Crosswords have been malfunctioning for weeks, as a sidebar the Rewards program is a mess as well. I have been unable to accumulate points or redeem points for a few weeks. Contacted Arkadium Games and AARP and not a thing has been done nor has an answer been provided by either source. Back to USA Today games, at least they work!

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