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Codeword, lots of glitches, can't be permanently fixed.

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Codeword, lots of glitches, can't be permanently fixed.

When I have problems with this game I have to contact Arkadium, describe my issue (today, my scores for previous games disappeared) and get slow response. They promised last year they would update the game and it would be fixed, but it's not fixed.

It's very frustrating to try to keep up with my score, to know if I'm improving, or to participate in the AARP contests.

The player's job is to log in and play everyday. I do that, but I'm always defeated by the unreliable game and lack of maintenance by Arkadium.


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Codeword is a mess this month.  I've never seen it do this before.    Everyone's previous games were deleted.   Since I'm not a top player, I enjoyed the opportunity to go back and replay all the erased games.  Scores for all need to be reset at the end of this month.   Everyone who went back and played got those scores on top of what we already had.   It says I've played 41 of 31 games or something like that (may be more).    Knute retained his top spot in the replay.    

The all time highs need to be deleted as well.   And while they are at it, they need to reset the week's scores at the same time for everyone, rather than have weekly high scores set after EST sent back to zero for the next week.  Could be midnight PST/PDT, for example.

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