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Annoying advertising feeds

Is anyone else annoyed with the numerous tee shirt advertisements espousing political views fed to the screen when trying to play a few games?  I'm just looking for some simple entertainment, I don't want to be blasted with political tee shirt ads and similar drivel.  I've tried clicking the X to stop seeing these ads but that does nothing.

I'm not suggesting these ads be banned (I realize there is a market for this stuff), just that there be a better, more effective way to opt out. 

Thanks for listening, I look forward to any feedback. -M 

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Look into adblocking software/ extension for your browser. It works. Find the right adjustment of settings after installation.


Note: In some instances, the adblocker will prevent proper functioning on a web page - you will need to temporarily pause or shut off certain settings - make adjustments as needed.



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Thanks ODM good suggestion.  The Adblocker + extension does work well, I guess I'll turn it back on.  It is unfortunate that there isn't way to be a bit more selective, rather than take an all or nothing approach.  But at this point it is probably the best option. A pity though that AARP will lose revenue if a lot of people go this route. 

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