family responsibility for deceased parent debts

i moved into my mom's home 10 years ago to assume care-taking responsibilities. over the course of the 10 years, we incurred debt for major capital expenses associated with the home up keep. my mom has now passed, and the other siblings say these debts are mine because i was the one living in the house. (i was the ONLY one in a position to move in with her). 

what do you all think? Are these my debts? or are they all of the siblings debt because i was taking coarse of OUR mother.. (four daughters).  

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Where is the debt?

On a personal or home equity loan?  

Credit card?  

Under who’s name is the debt?

Got the paperwork that will substantiate what it was spent on and why?



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I would speak with a lawyer, that deals with inheritance and probate. You may want to sell the house to pay off those debts. Once there’s potential profit involved in the sale, I’ll bet the siblings will jump back into the conversation.

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