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Would You Want To Opt Out Of Daylight Savings Time?

Living in Arizona, I love the fact that I don't have to deal with the "Spring forward" and the "Fall back" any more.  Would you want to keep DLST or get rid of it?

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Since we are on the subject -

Thought I would post this article and introduce the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021, Sen. Rubio introduced it as an amendment to this year’s defense spending bill.  That's another one of those GARGANTUAN pieces of legislation with everything in it but the kitchen sink.

In the House, it is H.R. 69 - 117th Congress - The Sunshine Protection Act of 2021


Politico - 11/10/2021 - The political war around daylight saving time takes a nasty turn

Hope this makes it by the political police 😏

But Who knew there were such passions around falling back and springing forward?


We may have another piece of Bi-Partisanship here - summary of the legislation is pretty simple:

This bill makes daylight savings time the new, permanent standard time.

States with areas exempt from daylight savings time may choose the standard time for those areas.


Course, the same thing has been introduced every year for the last (10) year SO NOBODY GET TOO EXCITED.


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Actually, in GA.  we opted FOR DST - year round, permanently -   Passed during the legislative session in early 2021 BUT . . . . under federal law, the change can take place only if Congress makes daylight time permanent nationwide.

So we are back to CONGRESS again



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Absolutely! We in Vegas hate DST and have been lobbying for years to opt out as our favorite neighbors to the south in AZ wisely done!


The entire deal seems to be tradition; it was created to help farmers and agricultural businesses; these are no longer the major economic drivers. I'm not opining it was bad at that time; but it is not helpful or useful now...



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@WebWiseWoman  Completely agree! Thx for sharing.

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I hate setting the clocks back! I spent many years "delivering mail by domelight" on driving sections of my route and walking other sections in the dark, sorting mail while trying not to slip or trip, in the middle of winter. Those were some long ten hour days. The only good thing about "falling back" is that we get to display our Christmas lights longer nightly! 🎄


As far as Ben Franklin goes, when someone told him to "go fly a kite" he really did😀!


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Steve the @postman29 Good one! 😄 I wish they would just end it for all states.  

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If Daylight savings time was good enough for Ben Franklin, I guess I’m good with it too.


All the automatic updates on your phone, computers, TV makes it easy to forget (especially if you’re retired) DST comes and goes during the year.


Longer daylight hours in the summer evenings in the northern states is nice.


Did you know Arizona has more hours of sunshine reach the ground than any other state.

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@ReTiReD51  I'm a big fan of Ben Franklin.  The guy was so accomplished.

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