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Woman loving to start a healthy conversation w/ a gentleman over 55, who is marriage-minded?

Woman loving to start a healthy conversation w/ a gentleman over 55, who is marriage-minded? Replies will be sincere.  Compatability would be important.

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Hi Dee Dee,


I wonder which state you are in? (I'm in a state of confusion) Not because of your post, but just because I like it that way :0) Actually I live in Portland Oregon.


I posted a mini bio on one of my post several days ago, and since I have no way of knowing if you have seen it, I will give you your very own personal copy:..........

Here goes:

Hi, I'm Ray and I live in Portland, Oregon. I would love very much to meet a single Female companion and get to know you!


I am an 81 year old single Liberal male, in very good condition, who Loves and Respects Women! My mother was a woman. My daughter is a woman. my sister, my doctor, my broker, my attorney and my candle stick maker are all women! Did I tell you I Love and Respect Women? Good! 🐵


My wife and I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, that is where we met. We were both 47 and single at the time, and after about a year of dating we eloped to Bangkok Thailand and got married and then 6 months later we eloped to Anchorage Alaska and got married so we would have an American marriage license to go with our Thai marriage license. (We took both licenses and put $15.00 with them and bought two cups of Starbucks coffee!!) 🐵

It has been almost a year since my wife was taken from me, and I miss her dearly! It is very lonely living alone!

I am an adventurous man, and I would love to meet an adventurous woman, for a companion, and perhaps some day we might think that eloping to some exotic place and getting married would be FUN!!


I know how to be a good husband, good friend, good partner, and a good companion.(I'm good) 🐵







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