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What was your best Valentine's Day ever?

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What was your best Valentine's Day ever?

What made it special? Who were you with? Where did you go? What did you do? 


My best Valentine's Day was February 14, 1965- the day I married my junior high school sweetheart.  We just celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary.  The card my husband gave me had a young couple dancing on the front and the words "I Still Do".  The inside simply said " Love You".   I feel the same every minute of every day🥰


Every day is special for me.  I have never had a man like the one I have today.  He makes me feel like a queen every day.  He's so kind and caring and puts me first in everything.

I dated about 3 other males and my ex-husband but not like this man.  

I thank God for him everyday.


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My husband and I decided to take that Valentine Friday off. So, upon returning home from work on a Thursday, my husband met me at the door. He had a bandana wrapped around his head and looked pretty serious about something. He also refused to let me in. I was standing there in a suit and heels begging to get inside for whatever nonsense he was up to. He pushed me further out and immediately proceeded to blindfold me and guide me to his car. He helped me inside while I continued to ask, “Where are we going?” I offered that it might look suspicious for him to drive down the road with a passenger who looked as if she were being kidnapped.


I didn’t want to ruin the surprise, so I played along. I opened the car window in an attempt to gauge the surroundings.  About 30 minutes into the ride, I felt the car ascend as if going uphill and then I thought I could smell the ocean. About an hour into my capture, he parked the “getaway” car. I could definitely smell seawater and feel the freeze. I decided that wherever this journey took us, I was going to like it.


We walked a short distance with me on his arm, and he finally removed the blindfold.  We were standing on a dock in Santa Cruz and before my eyes I saw a glorious, classic mahogany and teakwood yacht. While we often sailed our Pacific Seacraft 34, I feared that my husband had really gotten us into something me might not be able to manage – and me in a suit and heels.


Much to my relief, he explained that it was a Boat and Breakfast. He’d rented it for the long weekend and to my relief, we would not be sailing it. He’d packed my jeans, sweaters, shoes and what he knew I’d like to wear. He also packed the medicine cabinet. I mean everything. He wasn’t sure what I needed, so to be on the safe side, he emptied it. The boat was fully stocked with food, wine, books, movies, and more so we were all set to enjoy a relaxing weekend.


We strolled the marina, enjoyed restaurants within walking distance, read to each other, had long talks, and never missed a sunrise or sunset. As we were preparing to leave on Sunday, we were below deck when we felt the boat rocking and rolling. The motion grew intense, not unlike an earthquake. We decided to go above and see what was causing the disturbance. The air was eerie, spiraling, and then we saw it – a waterspout (much like a tornado) had touched down in the ocean about 500 feet from where we were moored. The good news is – no harm, no damage to the marina. Overall, that outing remains one of the more exciting, romantic, treasured, sweet memories that my “valentine” gave to me.

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they are all special to me because it comes 4 days after my wedding anniversary.  then its six weeks til her birthday. (makes it easy to remember)

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