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What do you think about being a minimalist? Do you believe that less is more?

Are you already a minimalist? Share your experience when you took that leap for change. Did you feel happy to be free of all that "STUFF" or did you have regrets. 

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The term 'Minimalist' is one those words that sounds like it has a specific meaning, but is so subjective that it is next to impossible to define in a specific, measurable manner (along the proverbial lines of Trash & Treasure).

I was raised by people who lived through The Great Depression.  Frugality and making the most of every available resource was a necessity in their lives.  We were no where near as efficient as The First Peoples of North America, but it is habitual for me...generally speaking I think I'd have to go with @KellytheBelly 's WIP assessment.

  Despite the vague and general nature of the term it seems to be a notion that we would all do well to make a lifelong WIP...heck it mighta averted Climate Change.

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If the information was expressed as numbers alone, most people (even experts) probably would not be able to tell the difference between the behavior of a Society based on a mass production/mass consumption economy and an individual afflicted with uncontrolled substance abuse.

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Have no regrets for anything I've donated, recycled or tossed.  Less "inventory" ( stuff ) more time, less stress.

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Hi. 🖐🏻


I suppose I'm a 'Work In Progress' minimalist. Although, my attempt to become minimal with my prized possessions is going to be at a snail's pace, and that's what I'm comfortable with. I will never regret being free of these things because mentally I was able to mull it over long enough to follow-through comfortably. I do better with a kick in the butt, or a chaotic situation to get things done, though, plus, I'm a procrastinator by nature. I think I do better work under pressure.


To answer the question, 'Do you believe that less is more?' Yes, I do think that less is more... meaningful, and can create a more stress-free environment. Goal: to know where everything is in the house. Currently, not even close.  😉 


What about you, @MarciaC389338? Why did you decide to start this thread? Are you in the middle of a project, or have you accomplished this tedious task? Just curious.  🙂



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