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Special Thank You This Weekend

Thank you for all that have served or are currently serving our country.  You are the heroes that have put your life on the line to protect our lives and freedoms.  Thank you to all the families who support our heroes.  Remember those who gave their lives.   ---  Christine 

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Ooooppppsss.  A week ahead.  But, everything else I feel 100%.  🇺🇸 ---  Christine

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That's ok. We can call it Memorial Day week instead. The Vets and their families certainly deserve it. Especially the Greatest Generation! Do we ever need their bravery and attitude now! We always thank Vets for their service when we see them. My recently deceased father-in-law was so proud of his service in Korea, loved to wear his Marines baseball cap everywhere he went, and loved when strangers would thank him for serving. Seeing that certainly rubbed off on my wife and I. We never will forget his smile when he was thanked, so please, thank a Veteran!

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@postman29  That's right Memorial Day week.  Nice save postman.  Sorry for the loss of your father-in-law.  It's nice that you have something that connects you and your wife with him and good memories.   ---  Christine

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