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Re: Sisters and their incredible bonds

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The sister I was most fond of died of multiple forms of leukemia in February of this year. I tend to have closer bonds with friends than my other sisters (two remaining, two passed already in my life time). Family is ASSIGNED to us, but it is up to us to form friendship bonds with those we choose to be close to based on our likes, differences, and most importantly, our soul-connections -- I strongly believe in soul-connections. Now that my favorite sister has passed on into the heavenly realm, I still do not feel a close connection to my other sisters. We had one brother, but we don't know if he's dead or alive. He's always been a wanderer since he returned from Vietnam in the early 1970's. His adult children and their mothers have yet to locate him. I miss my favorite sister very much. She was the youngest of our parents six children (one boy; 5 girls). I'm child number four. My brother and I were the closest growing up, but as his life changed, so did our close bond (distance for the most part). I look at my remaining two sisters as simply family...nothing more...nothing less. Smiley Happy

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Sisters and their incredible bonds

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Do you have a sister that you have an incredible bond with?  I have two sisters and while we have had times we haven't gotten along, the bond we share is amazing and they are the two closest women to me that I know I can count on?  Tell us about your sisterly bonds.

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