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Re: New to FL - What's the process for Drivers License?

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Have you looked in the Florida Handbook to see if you can find out what you need to do?

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New to FL - What's the process for Drivers License?

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Hi all - I've very recently relocated to Florida.  I have an expired Mass License so Mass requires written and road tests as it's been about 10 years since I've held a drivers license.  All else in good standing.

I was told by the DMV call center line that if I visit a local DMV office with the required paperwork (citizenship and proof of residency), which I have proper documentation, they'll run a check in the registry system to confirm that my status in Mass holds no issues (suspensions, etc) and that I do not need to take written or road tests and my license will be issued to me.  Does that sound correct?  According to the DMV website, it looks like written and road tests are mandatory to everyone, regardless of whether they've driven recently or not.  Can someone help?  I need to figure this out ASAP since I'm taking care of my elderly father who needs me to have reliable transporation.   Much appreciated!  

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