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Re: Loneliness or alone-ness

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I can only give one anecdotal example from one of my relatives (i'm married so don't have personal experience). This is pretty much the same response doglover gave.

    She ended up moving into a condo, back in a populated area. There is a local, large, health club with all kinds of classes that many seniors participate in. She has created a new circle of friends by going to the various classes. There is a group that go out together. Also, got into an art class and met some more seniors. Does volunteering at an animal shelter and met some more people.

   You may have to examine where you live and make a change. I know, easy to say and I don't know anything about your background, or how difficult it might be to live in a less rural area. As I said, one example from someone I know.   


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Re: Loneliness or alone-ness

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 Hi Janet,I'm the only member of my family who chose to stay&live here in my hometown,Buffalo,NY because of my job,worked in local hospital as pharm tech part time for 27yrs.

Over the years,I've made friends,some of very close to me ,they are my 'Bflo family',I see them all the time,some are close 'church friends". I would be lost without them in my life.

When I was working,on my 2 days off,I would volunteer in the mornings,still continue doing it since I've been retired.I like to stay busy.

Aren't there any local clubs you could join? I think this would help you interact with others who share the same interests as you do,won't feel so isolated? Sue


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Loneliness or alone-ness

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Would love to hear others thoughts on this topic...


I work full time as a nurse so I have a lot of social interaction there, but am not socially active with co-workers as very few are: 1. single and 2. over 50.  I live out in the country, alone. I do not have children.    And do many activities alone such as hiking, riding my motorcycle, camping. 


I do not feel lonely,  but I worry that I am isolating myself and may regret not being more social as I age.  Particularly after I retire ( still 9 years away).I do have a few friends, but they don't live particularly close by, and I do make sure to get out with them 2 or 3 times a month.  I am not religious and joining a church isn't an option for me. 


What are you other single folks doing?  Give me some advice!  Thanks.


Jypsy Janet


Jypsy Janet
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