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How to stay warm while socializing outdoors

Brrr...temperatures are certainly getting colder. But that doesn't mean we can't still spend time socializing outdoors. What are some creative ways you've warmed up your outdoor space to allow for pandemic entertainment? If you have photos, I'd love to see!


And if you're looking for ideas, check out these 6 ways to extend the season for outdoor socializing.

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Warm up my outdoor space?  

1.  First you fill the flask.

2.  Then you carry the wood.

3.  Then you start a fire in the firepit.

4.  Then you get out the blankets to share.


Warm up myself?

1.  First you fill the flask.

2.  Then you dig out the long underwear.

3.  Then you get dressed.

4.  Then you put on the hooded parka, and the fur-lined Red Baron hat.

5.  Then you put on the boots.

6.  Then you wait for someone else to get the fire nice and toasty.

7.  Then you go out and enjoy the fire.


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