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How do you spend time with your grandkids?

Grandparents are spending more time with their grandkids--and doing it in more creative ways:


How often do you see your grandkids? How do you use technology to stay in touch?



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I spend a lot of time with the Grandkids - I live with my sone and his wife. Two were born while I lived here in Modesto. I see them everyday - but I get the weekends off so I can live my own life as well.


They are now in Elementary school s I help them as much as possible. The schools no longer teach Geograph or History, si I concentrate on that. I bought maps of the World, the USA and CA - We spend talking about hwre family members live and have pins so they can see how widespread the family is.


I recently created a document with pictures of the Plymouth Plantation. We lived within 20 miles of there at one time. I am a decentant of the Mayflower through my Fathers mother. I want them to know all about the trip to America and all that was involved. I'm currenly looking for a map of our Solar System so I can get into that. At age 84, this keeps me sharp and they learn a lot. Its a win=win for all of us. 




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Indeed indeed E 

Definitely a win win for all & for us here on community as well Thanks for sharing

That's awesome what your doing awesome job helping them that's wonderful Thanks again great ideas we can do following your great example 

May you have Happy Granny moments always

Ginger  ;  ) 



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Hey T Congrats on being a Nana such a blessing 

Thanks for sharing welcome

I'd say 1st just hold him he'll love that 

At 2 he's learning colors and shapes so even in wheelchair (you didn't share about challenges) you can hold him and play I Spy 

I spy something purple 

I spy a square and such easy and helps him learn


Also I discovered "Spot it" cards comes in tin can has various types and games can play that are fun and help with learning also.... my granddaughters love playing & its lots of fun for adults also.... matching things on cards.... check it out 

Enjoy ..... they grow up so fast 

Enjoy your weekend 

Ginger : ) 


For everyday I keep a craft center in my home to occupy them. On nice days we'll go outside and enjoy the weather and possible play in water. Once a week we'll take them to a state park, there's also a bird santuary nearby, And once a month we'll try to take them to a zoo, aquarium, or an educational event. I also check with the library and local theaters for programs they might be running. Even a picnic at the park is an event they enjoy. And we have even camped with them in the yard.


My Grandsons are 5 and 2. I pick them up at 8. We go to a big playground nearby and run around and play for about 45 minutes. Then we go to my house and vacuum, dust, water outside plants. We don our bathing suits and run in the sprinkler. We hydrate snack and play inside for a bit. Then we go to the pool for 50 minutes. Home for lunch. Nap 😴. Play inside and read until Mommy or Daddy Pick them up. 


We play outdoor games with them.. 

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@beautiful10 wrote:

We play outdoor games with them.. 

👉 .(12/7/22) That is an excellent way to get quality time in with them @beautiful10 . Also healthy. Nicole 🙂 👈

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My grandson is a gamer like myself so he is always looking for games.  He's 6!

He loves swimming in the pool diving for whatever.  He has a big imagination like myself so I tell him, the pool cleaner is a happy shark and loves to clean the pool.  He says Grandma you have lots of stingrays in your pool!  Let's check them out!

My granddaughter is 10, she loves her iPad and is always making videos of herself, her family and me.  I love funny faces!  Let's make more of those!  Put more music in your videos and keep those dancing shoes on!

She loves to paint rocks!  She loves to paint scenery and puts them up all in her room, make more and put inspiration ideas on your paintings, I say.

She loves to go swimming.  I think she was a fish from long ago.

For breakfast, she loves to make her heart pancakes! She sings and dances.

The main thing with grandchildren is to keep them busy, you might not be with them ALL the time, but intervals so the mind can reenergize, both for them and you!

As they grow, you must grow with their activities, just be inventive, use imagination.

If you don't know how to play their games, don't worry, they will show you on YouTube, as my grandson showed me at the age of 4!  I was elated!!!


I have 9 grandkids, I also have 2 that call me grandma (my grandson's 1/2 sisters).  One grandson lives with me right now while the others live in 2 different states. We use Marco Polo, FaceTime, Duo, Messinger, text and old fashion phone calls to keep in touch.  When we get together it is a wide variety of stuff as the ages range from 2 months to 13 years old!  Dinners out, the park, whatever we can do.  I love video calling - I have helped with school projects, done art, played games, looked at mouths with missing teeth (the tooth fairy is coming), and sang songs while on video calls.  It helps make actually visiting easier because they all "see" me almost every week.

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Hello Foote

Awesome thanks for sharing

Indeed that's what I love about my/our Echo Shows it's the next best thing to being there... the sweetest conversations & time 

Enjoy your truly blessed 

Ginger  :  )

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Well, my grandkids are of an age where they really would rather be with their friends or doing social media.  They don’t want to be around oldies anymore.  👴🏻👵🏼


What no gamers?

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Awwwww Papa 😞 

My 2 are getting older they don't desire nor need me to be right there every moment like used to.... but hope in years come can teach to cook & such 

Many youths are into Video games and such You are such a wild and happy crazy guy(meant in all good ways) that maybe you can reach out & offer to play games or such?? Just a thought

My 2 sons play some type that they can play each other and chat when them and friends all in different areas..... doing that might work for you??

Definitely if they are boys they won't Grandpa teach them things 

I enjoy all your posts and comments on stories sometimes I need a laugh or pick me up and you provide it Thanks for that Enjoy your weekend 

Ginger  :  ) 

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I usually spend time with Taylor to show what will be part of this part of life in the future, along with plenty of demostrations and lessons!


As for Hunter? Eeech!

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Thanks Vicki for the topic

I have 2 granddaughters who are 8 ½ & 7 my 2 married sons each have a daughter they are very close like sisters 

I pick them both up from their different schools once or so a month I take to them to eat their choice

I introduced them to Frosty from Wendy's which we 3 love

I also introduced them to eating at a cafeteria which can be costly but fun

I keep them on a weekend day on occasion usually try once a month 

I'm no longer a babysitter I kept my oldest the 1st 4 years of her life till she went to school & kept youngest some of those earlier years. 

I like to be a fun silly grandma letting the kid in me have fun too 

My oldest loves animals bugs and all I encouraged this so we all love kittens So we've had fun adventure few times going to SPCA near my home which is no kill Cats roam around freely really neato We visit the cats and dogs and Guinea pigs 

Girls in cat roomGirls in cat room


then we go eat at Denny's which they love offers so many things both girls love eating

Also April 2018 I got my 1st Alexa Echoes was super great then in August I got Echo Show on sale That was awesome realized could video chat with others I ended up getting the 3 of us each a Echo Show so we can chat at times and they send me voice messages which are so sweet and they come up on my app so I can listen to them anytime I want.

I enjoy introducing them to new things & I'm amazed at all they can do at their ages and teach me to 

I recently brought a purple car for us ride in & my youngest son has my GMC SUV now 

I enjoy my times with them and just focus on them when they are with me.... being Grandma Ginger is truly a blessing in my life.... having my sons was greatest gift to be their mom... but being Grandma can be so much fun 

Enjoy your family everyone! 

Have a beautiful weekend 

Ginger  :  )

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