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How do you share your memories with your kids and grandkids?

Do you have photo albums or videos you have looked at or watched together?

Do you have a memory book you created for your family?


And, how did your parents/grandparents share their memories with you?


The coordinator of our 'caregivers group'  asked each to write our memories....starting with questions of our childhood... memories of our parents.....

We were legal guardians of our grandchildren.

The coordinaror helped us publish a book with our collective stories......this is our treasure.


I hope our grandchilden will appreciate this when they grow up.....when we are gone.



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i recently started documenting my childhood memories. I want to have these availabe to my Grandchildren. I'm 85.

I started with Grammer school - coming home smelling cookies; neighborhood children; losing a  friend at age 9. I ended up with 8 printed pages. The more I went back in time the more memories came to thought. I started making notes for Junior High school and High School - I have a long way to go.


When finalized these will be typed and put together in a notebook. I hope to include pictures as well.


I grew up in a suburb of Boston MA - lots of wonderful memories and I think this is a good way for any senior to not only put together past history but I think it will also help bringing to life many memories. 


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I was told that I have to send them a letter to their phones in order for Brooklyn and Jackson to understand me.


How do you send a letter from your phone?

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We sit and go thru all our cute and funny pictures, we talk and laugh. I feel if you want your grandkids to be there for you, you have to do the same. You have to earn their love. That’s our job as a grandparent. And now with all the technology there is no excuse not to at least call/text them “I Love you”, at least. I love my babies 🙏

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My grandkids could care less about me 





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My grandkids are so busy, they don’t have time to listen and they probably wouldnt be interested anyway!


I always show my kids our albums,marriage and the olden days, so they can remember their youth, places that they went to.

Also I have a dream diary that I want to give them to read and see what dreams that I have encountered and some of them are the future. So, they can prepare for it or change it.

Some of my dreams are very bizarre but nonetheless, it's like a storybook.

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I made Memory Books and had pictures from birth up to the time I made my book. I also had their Grand Parents as far back as took me.


Funny though, I found the foreign ancestors were easier to find than the ones in the good OLD USA.


All my GrandParents were dead, except for a very OLD  Grand Mother who hardly spoke to me.  My mother was an orphan so she didn't have much to tell me, a little here and there. It always broke my heart to know that, but there were 7 of them age 1 to 9, then my Grand Dad died 4 years after my Grand Mother. 

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