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Free Resources for Veterans, Military, and Their Families

Check out this list of resources for veterans, the military, and their families amid COVID-19.


Do you have any other helpful resources? What services have you discovered that have been helpful during this time? Please hit reply and share here ❤️


Army/Active Reserve Veteran: In southeast Minnesota-Winona.

Harpist who has played for different events.  Can provide a half-hour harp music prior to a wedding or other event.



I represent the York County Fishing With Veterans in Rock Hill, SC. We have local private land owners who allow veterans to fish their ponds, and our next outing is July 11, 2020. We will start fishing at 8:00 am until noon. We will then have a lunch of hot dog/hamburgers, and have a great time just being with each other. We have members from all branches of military, and we have a great time fishing and socializing. We have volunteers who come out and assist those veterans needing assistance. As one blind veteran stated about fishing and being with other veterans, "This is better than a good dose of medicine"!!!!!