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For those that were married, how has life changed now that your spouse has passed?




Feel free to share.

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Feel free to share.

It's hard and lonely most of the time. I talk about my husband 24/7 it's going on 3 yrs now. I had open heart surgery November 15, 2019 and I coded out four times during surgery and my husband dropped dead December 1,2019 while we was eating breakfast.  While I was waiting for the ems drivers arrive at my house I could not do car on him or lay him on the floor because I had a week to go for my out patient dr appt after surgery. I still was not released to drive or left no more then 5 pounds could not bend over towards the floor and I was really pissed at myself because I was so mean after getting home from the hospital after my surgery. It was a very painful surgery and only thing I saw when looking in the mirror was a long ugly zipper scar from my top of my chest plate to 2 inches above my belly button. I had four big scars from my drainage tubs. After my husband died I could not think about  another man in my life and see me naked with all the open heart scars

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