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BEWARE the new(ish) Clorox "Smart Tube" technology!

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Clorox has made a blunder comparable to the "New Coke" debacle: The company went "all in" with their commitment to a new spray bottle design that is featured on virtually every one of their spray cleaning products.  The sprayer on this bottle must be lined up with the integral tube that delivers the product right until the bottle is just about dry.  The problem is, this lining up means the top cannot be screwed into the bottle.  It snaps, very, very weakly, into the bottle, allowing it to sink its tube top into the bottle's integral tube, built into the side of the bottle.  On major complaint sites, this system is attacked en masse. On the government consumer complaint site, it receives one out of five stars.  Be very careful if you are unfortunate enough to have this terribly designed bottle in your home/under your kitchen sink.  I was using the bleach spray and it popped right off the bottle, splashing bleach everywhere!  I have since found that other Clorox spray products have the exact same problem.  I strongly urge you to find a different company's (hand) spray cleaning products until Clorox trashes its Smart Tube technology.  Smart Tube is Stupid!  You've been warned.

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