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⛄️ How Do You Stay Warm? 🏝 How Do You Stay Cool?

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⛄️ How Do You Stay Warm? 🏝 How Do You Stay Cool?

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SUMMER: A large floor fan helps to move the air around and keep my Electric Bill very low.


WINTER: Thermal everything - clothes, socks and curtains keeps my Gas Furnace from working too hard.


Thanks, Nicole 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (Friends & Family Forum)

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‘Poor house’ LOL, ain’t heard that since I was a boy many moons ago🙄

For warmth layers.  Under Armor base layer shirt/pants under a set of thermals will do the job.

Buy a wool blanket and sheet set per person and stow for very cold times like when my furnace has been out since 12/23….thick socks over very thin ones will wick sweat and are warm.  Head hands and feet are what matter most for warmth.  When a body gets cold enough it starts transferring heat away from extremities to internal organs and those are what essentially act as a thermostat.  What gets cold first?—dress that part warm and you’re a step ahead.  heavy water resistant boots keep snow off docked feet that would get soggy.  

For cool, box fan in the window when possible and always aimed to circulate air in the house.  If a/c is out you can put a big bag of ice in front of a fan on a flat surface.  And stay hydrated.  A surprisingly large percentage of ppl don’t pay attention to water yet every cell in the body contains it.  
I deployed to Saudi in ‘91 and picked up a cpl things.  You can wear a loose knit shirt and air can get through.  Skull caps are good for dealing with sweat regardless of any style concerns.  If I truly need to wear something the look doesn’t matter, only the utility of it.


in all these things it is about function not fashion.  If u want to dress well for the weather it’s probably not going to look gorgeous unless we’re taking hot weather and bikinis.


That’s all I have for that one.

Take care & God Bless!


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