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Cache (pronounced CASH), is where your browser stores information about a website that you recently visited, such as images, colors, text type, etc. Keeping that information on file helps to speed up your internet experience, so that you don’t have to re-download that information every time you visit the same site.


This helps to speed up your internet experience. Your cache is usually emptied automatically, depending on a number of factors such as how much space is allocated to it on your hard drive.

Unfortunately, sometimes items in your Cache get stuck. When websites have new content, new images or new games, content has to be downloaded to your device all over again. If old cache is interfering with the new content, it can cause issues, from the inability to see the new content, to content not loading at all. In those cases, you have to manually flush, empty or clear your cache.


thx, finally got on AARP website using Google.  Happy again


That's great, @kf5178, thanks for letting us know!