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What are some common browsers used today? 


Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Apple Safari

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

Amazon Silk


Most phones, tablets and computers have native browsers built in, but also give you the ability to download other browsers.


Windows computers usually come with IE and Edge; iPhone, iPads and Macs come with Safari; Chromebooks and Android phones with Chrome and Kindle Fire tablets with Silk.


On most desktop and laptop computers, we have found the Chrome browser is often easiest and fastest. Chrome’s maker, Google, also makes it very easy to keep your browser up to date. To download Chrome, go here:


Internet Explorer (IE) is the oldest browser and Microsoft plans to stop supporting in favor of the Edge browser. If you’re using IE, we recommend either downloading Chrome onto your computer or switching to Edge.


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I recommend using two browsers. Use Firefox as your main browser and Edge for sites that you know are secure.

The reason I say this is because some sites (Like this one) won't work with Firefox, or at least they don't work with Firefox's security. Edge lets pretty much anything run and so this site and others work fine. 

Once you install Firefox you should install NoScript and AdBlock Plus as addons. There's is a bit of a learning curve here but it's worth it. You'll find that AARP and a lot of other sites share info with Facebook and Google Ad Services and more

When it positively won't work use MS Edge.

Refuse Cookies and clear you history often

I don't recommend using phones, their even worse about tracking your actions


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