Are all games available on mobile phones and tablets? 



Some games you play on your computer are not available on your mobile device. AARP currently offers many games that are built using Flash-based technology. Mobile devices have stopped supporting programs that use this technology, so those games are not accessible on your mobile phone and/or tablet. To play all available mobile games, please visit All Games from your mobile phone or tablet. And, by the way, you can play AARP's complete collection of games on your desktop or laptop computer. 

Today was my first time trying the new games and I do NOT like them over the old games. Just wanted to voice my two cents about it.

The new Dimensions Maj-jong caused a seizure. Thank goodness my daughter is a lawyer.

Not all the new games will play for me?  I thought with this new format we didn't have any settings to change?  Backgammon just comes up as a black square and the new word search says it's loading today's game but nothing ever comes up.  

Is it just me?  The AARP app does not work on my iPad.  The widgets keep getting “unable to connect, try again”.  Or the page is just blank, as in Games.   I went to the FAQ page, and from there found the forums and the Games, including Jigsaw, which I had trouble with before.  It does load, but hardly works at all.   The zoom control works but not Pause or Scatter.  The pieces appear as they should but don’t move right.  By tapping continually finally a piece will move, but it is soon stuck again.  I am often able to place the piece before having to search for the next one that will move.  When the game times out, I have matched only a few pairs.   This is the same behavior which used to occur when I accessed the Jigsaw from the widgets page.  


I can use the Chrome app and get Jigsaw in the AARP webpage instead and the game works normally.  

I don't think so that all games are available on a mobile phone because some of them are paid that means you have to buy them. Some of the games are only available for computer.

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